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Cersaie, one of the most prestigious international exhibitions in the field of ceramic tile and bathroom furnishings, is set to take place from September 25th to 29th, 2023 in Bologna, Italy. This annual event gathers industry professionals, designers, architects, and enthusiasts from around the world to showcase and discover the latest trends, innovations, and designs in the ceramic and bathroom sectors.

Bologna, known for its rich history and architectural wonders, serves as the perfect backdrop for Cersaie. The event takes place at the Bologna Exhibition Centre, a state-of-the-art venue that provides ample space for exhibitors to display their products and engage with attendees. The city itself offers a vibrant and inspiring atmosphere, adding to the overall allure of the event.

During Cersaie, visitors can expect a myriad of exhibits featuring an extensive range of ceramic tiles, sanitary ware, bathroom fixtures, and related products. Renowned manufacturers, designers, and architects from various countries will present their latest collections, pushing the boundaries of creativity and technology in the industry. From innovative tile designs to cutting-edge bathroom solutions, attendees will have the opportunity to explore and experience the forefront of the ceramic and bathroom sectors.

The event goes beyond just product exhibitions, as it also hosts a diverse program of conferences, seminars, and workshops. Industry experts and keynote speakers share their insights on topics such as design trends, sustainability, and technological advancements. These educational sessions provide valuable knowledge and foster networking opportunities for professionals, allowing them to stay up-to-date with the latest industry developments.

Cersaie not only offers a platform for industry professionals to connect and collaborate, but it also attracts design enthusiasts and homeowners who seek inspiration for their own projects. The event allows visitors to interact directly with manufacturers, designers, and architects, gaining valuable insights and finding inspiration for their ceramic and bathroom projects.

With its extensive showcase of products, informative sessions, and engaging exhibitions, Cersaie 2023 promises to be an extraordinary event that sets the tone for the future of the ceramic tile and bathroom furnishing industries. Whether you are a professional seeking innovation, a designer looking for inspiration, or a homeowner wanting to explore the latest trends, Cersaie offers a unique experience that celebrates the beauty and functionality of ceramic and bathroom design.


Date :September 25th to 29th, 2023
Venue: Bologna, Italy


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