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1200 x 1200 porcelain tiles manufacturer in india

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09 January 2024

Transform the Outdoor and Indoor Appearance of Your Home With Porcelain Floor Tiles


If you are building a new house, it’s important to choose the right tiles for the floors. Unless you approach the top 1200 x 1200 porcelain tiles manufacturer in India, you cannot ensure the acquisition of genuine tiles. 

At Bluecera, we are manufacturing pieces of absolute beauty in the form of porcelain tiles. If you want to experience excellence through surface finishing, our tiles will serve the purpose. 

Porcelain Tiles are ideal


Modern-day homeowners always prefer porcelain tiles owing to various reasons, like: 

  • Higher density

  • Moisture- resistant

  • More durable

  • Stain- resistant

Furthermore, the feel of these tiles is warm, which is ideal for cold winter mornings. 

However, before analyzing the benefits further, you should get to know more about these 1200 X 1200 floor tiles to make an informed decision.


What are porcelain floor tiles?


Porcelain tiles are basically an advanced version of ceramic tiles. The manufacturers use a denser and finer variant of clay and fire the same at a very high temperature. This imparts the tough nature of the porcelain tiles.

Stains and scratches cannot damage these tiles easily. As the tiles are resistant to wear and tear, you can install porcelain floor tiles in spaces that receive heavy footfall. Therefore, these tiles are equally applicable to residential and commercial properties.

Right now, Bluecera is undeniably the most popular manufacturer of porcelain tiles as this is becoming the most popular flooring option as well as the option for wall covering.


Choose the best porcelain tile


We always welcome our potential clients and explain to them the two distinct varieties of porcelain tiles, namely

  • The through-bodies porcelain tiles

  • Glazed porcelain tiles

You have to assess the purpose of installing the tiles and make the decision accordingly.


#1. Through-bodied porcelain tiles:


These tiles are dense with an innate hardness.

  • The components are the clay, sand, and other natural minerals.
  • The substance is very tough.
  • Resistant to wear and tear

Because of their innate hardness, these glazed tiles are ideal for walls, floors, and even countertops. We are supplying huge quantities of these tiles to commercial as well as residential setups.


#2. Glazed porcelain tiles:


Top-rated Porcelain tiles manufacturers like our company will always try to post about the designs of the glossy and stain-resistant glazed tiles.

  • The components include porcelain and a glazed coating on the surface.

  • You can get a variety of colors while buying these tiles.

  • Although durable, these tiles are not ideal for commercial spaces.

If you are planning to impart a unique and highly sophisticated look to the interior decor. The use of these tiles is almost mandatory.


Highly durable tiles


In terms of durability, the porcelain tiles will even beat the strength of 1200 X 1200 concrete tiles. These are the undisputed kings in the world of flooring and wall tiles.

You can install our tiles on the harshest terrains and expose the same to the weather elements like sun rays or wind and snow. As moisture cannot penetrate through the tiles. You can easily use the porcelain tiles for decking up the space without compromising the functions.


Characteristics of porcelain tiles


At Bluecera, we believe that the porcelain stoneware will continue to impress new home builders and owners with a high degree of compactness. The compactness is the reason why the material shows high resistance to regular stress and strain.

The characteristics include

  • Higher resistance to impacts and sudden stress

  • Ideal for cladding facades

  • Withstand heavy foot traffic

  • Resistant to stress and strain

Owing to the excellent resistance and impermeability, we can advise the use of the different porcelain tile quality grades for both outdoor and indoor use. 


Porcelain floors suitable for outdoor use


Do you know that our porcelain tiles will serve as the most feasible material right now for outdoor flooring?

  • The tiles are resistant to chlorine, frost salt, pollutants, and other external weather elements. 
  • The non-slip finish adds to the safety value necessary for outdoor use. 
  • Whether you want to cover the garden or the terrace, we suggest the use of tiles with an appropriate thickness that will serve the purpose well. 

For instance, tiles with 20mm thickness will offer a very high level of strength and safety once you use them in the external flooring. 


A sustainable solution


At Bluecera, we make highly durable porcelain tiles that will meet the requirements of sustainable building construction. In short, we aim to take on construction works that are eco-friendly in nature. 

We offer porcelain tiles that will even qualify for the LEED point allocation. 


Improving aesthetic appearance 


At Bluecera, we know that accuracy in each aspect of the tiles, including the thickness is a factor that every client must consider. But when we say that our tiles will improve the visuals of the space, won't it be a little difficult for you to imagine the transformation?

Well, we can offer you to use the online tools available to view the product if you install the best porcelain floor and wall tiles. we know that helping you to envision the space with the tiles is a mature step to help you make the right decision. 


Cost-effective solution


Bluecera knows that budget is a limiting factor for maximum buyers. So, we charge a reasonable amount as 1200 X 1200 tiles price. And once you install them there is the least chance of damage. You don’t need to replace them even in a few years if you can maintain the tiles properly.

Be it the Opera Mustard version or the Ash Granite, the Jazz Peach, or the Armani Choco, we are here to showcase a wide range of products.

If you like them, you can contract with our customer service team anytime. We will e glad to clarify all your doubts so that you get satisfactory service from us. Install them both in indoor and outdoor areas for a stunning visual appearance.


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