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2by2 Ceramic Floor Tiles Manufacturing Company in India | Bluecera LLP

2by2 Ceramic Floor Tiles Manufacturing Company in India

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09 January 2024

Ceramic floor tiles have been quite a popular tiling solution for a long time. Over the period the infrastructure all around the globe has been standardised making it easier for the manufacturing companies to produce a standard size of 2by2 ceramic floor tiles. Bluecera LLP is the top-most ceramic floor tiles manufacturing company and has successfully served in innumerable projects both in domestic as well as the global market. Their 2 x 2 ft ceramic floor tiles are exact and perfect in their said dimension making them a seamless addition to the floor in almost all construction projects.

This 2 x 2 ceramic floor tiles (600 x 600 mm ceramic floor tiles) size, is undeniably the most impeccable choice for both household and business location installations. Bluecera LLP has been recognized as a trusted 2feet x 2feet Ceramic Floor tiles manufacturing company in India. Their reliability has grown ten folds over the years because of their state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities which are capable of churning out high-quality ceramic floor tiles in huge quantities while also being true to their commitment to the quality of their tiles.

Their perfect standard size of Ceramic floor tiles 600x600 mm makes them ideal for utilization in both small and large settings. Because of their strength, ceramic tiles are the most popular providing you with many alternatives for adding a touch of elegance to your room because these tiles come in various alternatives which makes them more suitable and more adaptable in each and every setting. After all, these tiles come in a variety of finishes such as matte, glossy, and natural rustic.

These 2 feet x 2 feet Floor tiles look great in many types of home, business, and public environments. Restrooms, guestrooms, restaurants, lounges, cafeterias, shops, business areas, institutions, clubs, eateries, and clinics may all benefit from 60x60 cm Ceramic floor tiles. They may also be used outside on patios, decks, patios, and driveways. They are offered in contemporary colors like white, gray, blues, and ivory and also in natural colors such as browns and charcoals, etc.

One of the main advantages of 24x24 inch Ceramic floor tiles that are appropriate for their intended usage is their capacity to survive extreme climatic elements as well as their resilience to freezing and moisture. Furthermore, the pattern and colors of the tiles will not fade drastically over time. These tiles are simple to install and may be installed without the need for specialized staff, lowering total expenses. These are indeed simple to maintain and serve well with very little care.


Different Colors in which 2by2 Ceramic Floor tiles are Available


Bluecera LLP the specialist in 2 x 2 Floor tiles offer a wide range of ceramic floor tiles and their huge collection of 2 x 2 Ceramic Floor tiles are available variety of colors such as brown, beige, cream, chocolate, grey, etc. These colors are further classified into the following color categories:

  • American Basswood
  • Austin Crema
  • Carmel Beige
  • Carmel Choco
  • Carmel Crema
  • Carmel Nero
  • Carmel Sky
  • Cementian Grey 1
  • Cordia Perl
  • Cordia Beige
  • Cordia Choco
  • Cordia Crema
  • Cordia Nero

These mesmerizing colors can be complemented with similar tones or may be contrasted with a different hue ceramic 600 x 600 mm floor tiles to create a unique design. 


Different Finishes (surface) in which our 2by2 Ceramic Floor Tiles are Available:


The 60x60 cm Ceramic Floor Tiles offered by Bluecera LLP are offered in different finishes which makes them all perfect for their intended spaces. 

Bluecera offers 3 different varieties of 2ft x 2ft floor tiles classified according to different surfaces, they are: Glossy, Matt & Rustic


   1. Glossy


2by2 glossy ceramic floor tiles

A high gloss body is synonymous with prosperity and grandeur, and it may readily entice anybody. Whenever it concerns polished lustrous floor tiles, none of us can turn away and not acknowledge the magnificent sheen and texture. This Bluecera LLP tile collection adds flair and elegance to any area with its glittering and captivating glossy surface. 

2by2 Floor tiles available in a Glossy finish look exceptionally excellent on the floors and are just the first thing you notice when you walk into a room. Moreover, ceramic tiles may be utilized in both residential and business settings. Glossy tiles add flair and make every place appear more luxurious.


  2. Matt

2by2 matt ceramic floor tiles

Matt textured tile patterns are many and are offered in ceramic tile forms. Matt surface tiles may offer any area a traditional yet tasteful appeal. Its slip resilience attribute has proven to be quite beneficial whenever used on the floor. Furthermore, matt tile costs are reasonable and suitable does not cost a fortune. 

Bluecera LLP offers a wide variety of 2 feet by 2 feet floor tiles styles in a huge distinction of shades, unlike their predecessors, these tiles are not limited to just shades of grey and are now available in many more bright and darker hues to compliment your decor.


  3. Rustic


2by2 rustic ceramic floor tiles

Rustic finish 60 x 60 cm Ceramic floor tiles have a timeless and vintage charm to them. This tile is inspired by the Old Italian architectural style and has a weathered, earthy appearance. Rustic tile may be utilized to produce or enhance a medieval, canonical architectural aesthetic in a range of households or even distinct commercial settings.

Bluecera LLP offers an exclusive range of Rustic finish ceramic floor tiles that transports your back in time. Their unique texture and design make them stand out and make you feel close to nature.


2by2 Ceramic Floor Tiles Price


Being one the most popular offering, the 24x24 inch Ceramic floor tiles manufactured by Bluecera LLP are much in demand. Bluecera LLP has made these tiles’ 2x2 price reasonable and fits comfortably into any costing plans. The cost of these tiles varies from Rs. 50 and Rs. 320 per square foot, based on the production procedure and the materials utilized.

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