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Ceramic Tiles Manufacturer in India

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09 January 2024

Ceramic Tiles


Ceramics were simply clay-based materials, such as pottery. Ceramic tiles, on the other hand, are made of high quality clay they are burned at low temperatures, often around 700 degrees Celsius in a kiln after being molded into the desired shape. Technological improvements in the modern world have broadened the scope of the term. The tiles are often formed of a combination of water, sand, and clay. Ceramic tile is quite versatile, with a wide range of possibilities ranging from natural stone appearances to solid colors in a variety of sizes. Ceramic Tiles manufacturer around the world are constantly on the lookout for new designs and improved product resulting in wide range of intriguing designs higher quality ceramic tiles.


There are two kinds of Ceramic Tiles:


Glazed Ceramic Tiles - Glazed tiles are fired a second time, this time with a protective covering of liquid glass on top which provides them that necessary glaze. This protective layer makes the tiles slightly slippery, but it also enables for inkjet printing of a broad range of designs and colors.

Unglazed Ceramic Tiles – As the name suggest, these are the opposite of Glazed ceramics without the addition of an extra coating. These tiles are denser, have a more natural, earthy coloration, and are slip-resistant. They are, however, stain-prone and require a sealer to preserve them.

Ceramic Tiles Manufacturer


With more than 800 ceramic tiles manufacturer in Morbi, Gujarat which is also known as the Ceramic capital of India, the competition to deliver the best ceramic floor tiles or ceramic wall tiles is continuously changing the dynamics of the tiles industry. Bluecera LLP is one of the major ceramic tiles manufacturer who dedicated to manufacture and develop the most engaging tiling solutions for customers. Whether you're searching for glazed or unglazed ceramic tiles, ceramic bathroom floor tiles or ceramic kitchen tiles, Bluecera has you covered with long-lasting, high-quality materials supported by international industry-leading certifications. They promise the greatest ceramic solutions, with over 200 design and finish possibilities.

Why Choose Bluecera LLP?


At Bluecera LLP, they don’t just bulk produce a product, but they have committed in serving their extended clientele world over with unmatched product quality and after services. Their Ceramic tiles are incredibly durable and simple to care for. In terms of hygiene, these tiles do not gather any dust or germs and can be easily cleaned with a simple swipe. As a result, their tiles require little to no maintenance during their lifetime. Ceramic floor tiles have a very complex composition for density and toughness, and as a result of these features, the tiles are resistant to scratches, stains, and dents, as well as being water resistant. 

Blue Cera tiles are created from the best clay available, and they are designed to have the least amount of environmental effect. The product itself is devoid of harmful substances such as formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds, and polyvinyl chloride, making them a safe and healthy option for your home or commercial complex. Their Ceramic tiles are waterproof, making them an excellent choice as ceramic tiles for bathrooms or shower cubicles. These tiles are also popular in kitchens, where they may be seen in eye-catching backsplashes designs. Also, their Ceramic tile is robust enough for outdoor usage when properly cleaned and maintained, with uses for patios, decks etc. The Bluecera assurance backs each of its high class products, retaining a satisfied customer base with long terms service including product queries and solutions.

Brands Promise


Bluecera LLP caters to the market's requirements. Their ultra-modern facilities, a team of extremely talented innovators, artisans, and decision-makers, and values have consistently pushed them. Their thirst for the most unique and admirable tiles are the reasons they have been able to not only survive in the market, but also set quality standards and benchmarks. The desire for top innovation and quality is the heart of Bluecera, which has worked its way into the basic functionality of the brands standard. They have crossed every barrier along the road to strive yet come up with innovations and discoveries, and every potential approach and enhancement in order to provide the consumers with the most aesthetically pleasing and functional ceramic tiles solutions. The Research and Development Department is always coming up with the most innovative, environmentally friendly, and functional items. Ceramic tiles' adaptability is demonstrated by the fact that they offer one of the most diverse product lines in the Indian domestic tile industry, making them one of the country's major ceramic tiles manufacturer. It goes without saying that the tile is guaranteed to survive the effects of time, weather, and use.


About Bluecera LLP


Bluecera LLP is regarded one of the top most ceramic tiles maker and supplier for all your tiling needs, fully taking the industry by storm as the hottest, most cost effective, and eco friendly alternative, with legitimate and highly acknowledged talent and manufacturing expertise. Bluecera LLP has amazed everyone in just over half a decade, while the tile industry has been fast changing. Their premium ceramic tiles are produced for outstanding quality and extended life through a rigorous production process that uses high-grade raw materials and the best chemical additives. Tiles have grown in size, quality, and thickness, and new technologies have been tested. They are dedicated to providing the greatest products on the market, with no space for error in their operations and a long-term vision to fulfill the high standards they set. Their research and development component has resulted in new invention search and discover for various new evolutions, making them a pioneer in reacting to these advances. With ultra contemporary technology and a strictly monitored production process, we have been able to stay up in the global market, and its personalized support system for answers and inquiries makes them not only the best in the nation, but also one of the most promising businesses in the world.

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