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Ceramic Wall Tiles Exporter in India

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09 January 2024

Ceramic Wall Tiles


Ceramic wall tiles are a popular choice for interior design because of their inexpensive cost and attractive appearance. These tiles are glazed after being manufactured from a blend of red or white clay and other materials. This glaze is responsible for the tile's color and design, as well as its longevity. Ceramic tiles are therefore mostly utilized for decoration and in low-traffic areas. Ceramic Wall tiles appear to reflect a variety of colors and designs, it will be easy for you to create a mood in any space that promotes efficiency, peace, and creativity. Because ceramic tiles are exceptionally hard, they do not easily chip or break.

Ceramic tiles may endure for years if properly maintained, and you won't have to replace your workplace flooring as often. In the worst-case scenario, if any section of the ceramic tile breaks, you don't have to replace the entire floor; you can simply replace that area. Ceramic tiles come in a broad range of colors, sizes, forms, and designs, which is one of the main advantages of utilizing them. Ceramic tiles have become a common sight in most homes. Ceramic tiles may completely transform the look of your home's inside and exterior. Indian ceramic tiles market has grown leaps and bounds in the past two decades and their quality has surpassed the domestic limits and reached all over the world this has given risen to many ceramic tile exporters.


Ceramic Wall Tiles Exporter


India was the world's 24th largest ceramic trade nation in 2017. Ceramic Wall Tiles, in particular, have a market share of 20%. Gujarat alone produces 70% of India's ceramic tile, according to statistics. India sold 1226.96 million dollars’ worth of ceramic tiles in 2019, up from 733.64 million dollars in 2018. Morbi is the world's third-largest ceramic industry cluster. A total of 15 billion rupees is anticipated to be invested in the state. India is stepping up its attempts to enhance its foreign market share of exports. Ceramic wall tiles are one of the most popular ceramic export products from India and Bluecera has been one of the major players in the export of ceramic tiles from India.



Why Ceramic Wall Tiles?


There is no other wall tiling solution that offers such a diverse range of colors, styles, and sizes. Ceramic floor tiles are available in every color you can imagine. Blue, green, red, dark-colored, dark, hazel, bright, and a variety of other colors may be easily obtained. Leaves, blooms, squares, and a variety of other forms are included in the designs. Ceramic tile can be chosen based on the room's aesthetic motif. Easy to clean and keep: These wall tiles are incredibly easy to clean and maintain. It's simple to clean simply wiping it down with a moist towel. It is used in kitchens, bathrooms, rooms, and swimming pools since it does not store dirt or oil for long.


About Bluecera


Established in 2010, Bluecera LLP has been one of the top manufacturers of ceramic products. Flourishing is an understatement since Bluecera LLP is a pioneer in the tile manufacturing industry in India, because to its class and persistent devotion to quality. Across segments, Bluecera has grown in stature with its world class ceramic tiles. Company is renowned for its creativity and innovation in the Indian domestic market and as a premier ceramic tiles exporter it has also established strong business ties all around the world. Stringent quality control measures ensured by the Bluecera makes for Indian and International standards.

The firm strives for excellence and innovation, and as a result, they have been able to develop and provide the greatest Ceramic, Porcelain, Full-Body, Soluble Floor & Wall Tiles, and Sanitary Ware items, all of which have significantly contributed to its extensive and world-class product line. Unsurprisingly, their principles have helped them become a well-known global exporter of ceramic floor Tiles, as well as one of the largest makers and exporters of tiles to over 18 nations across five continents.




Bluecera tiles, with their endless characteristics and tasteful applicability, have enabled themselves to develop and expand their research in order to achieve the most sophisticated and inventive ceramic tiles and eventually becoming one of the major contributors in export of ceramic floor tiles from India. Prioritizing a hassle-free and on-time delivery, with essential and suitable quality checks at every step of the packing, Bluecera LLP has assured that its precious clients are supplied with the best of what they have to offer through its methodical processes. Bluecera LLP has since pioneered the export of Wall and Floor Ceramic tiles in various regions, particularly the Middle East, and with increasing client demand, they are undoubtedly rising each step of the way. With their continual attention on the export process and their study on the end project demand, they have been able to provide to satisfaction. 

The search for all your ceramic tile needs is covered at Bluecera, which boasts a broad range of options. Bluecera LLP has never deviated from exploring design innovations to continue serving you, whether it is for your much effective and interesting demands of your Kitchens or Washrooms or for a more simulating objectives such as your Workplace, Living Areas, or Bedrooms. Your space, whether you live in it or conduct business in it, is an extension of your persona. And as a result of that comprehension, their Ceramic Tiles are designed just for that purpose: to materialize your exclusivity and elegance in the most distinctive way possible. They have pledged to uphold their fundamental ideals of "Innovation, Product Quality, and Customer Service." Bluecera's core has steadily improved the dependability and design of their goods, and they have always pushed towards pure client happiness.

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