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Full Body Vitrified Tiles Manufacturer

Full Body Vitrified Tiles Manufacturer

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09 January 2024

There are so many floor tiles on the market that choosing the correct choices for your house could be difficult. The proper flooring may increase the elegance of your living space and provide that 'elegance' touch you've long desired. 
And, since you may not be able to change floors on a regular basis, it is just necessary to select the best tiles for your residence. Full body vitrified tiles are the best decision for the finest floor tiles in regards to sturdiness, resilience to staining and scrapes, and simplicity of setup.
Bluecera full body vitrified tiles are a pinnacle of modern engineering and design brilliance. We are a prominent brand in the production of full body tiles in India. 

What are Full body Vitrified Tiles?


Full body vitrified tiles often described as Rectified Tiles, are created by heating clay, feldspar, quartz, and silicate. Along this procedure, granules of the desired color are placed on the foundation tile, resulting in a color that is consistent across the tile. 
All basic ingredients are kept in specialized silos throughout the production process to eliminate impurities from contaminating the mixture. All raw ingredients for the core color and granules are poured into units while requirements are continually checked. This solution is then strained using a filter. The ultrafine grains fall into the conveyor system, resulting in high-quality tiles. This is how full body tiles are produced.
As a full body tiles company our top-quality tiles possess perfect depth and dimensions and are thus considerably more appropriate for high traffic areas than normal tiles. These heavy duty full body vitrified tiles are a perfect addition to any and all spaces.

Collection of Fullbody Vitrified Tiles

Bluecera full body vitrified tiles are offered in a wide selection of inventive surface touches, shades, and dimensions. These tiles are offered in 600 x 600, 300 x 300, 600 x 1200, 800 x 800. The most popular full body tiles offered by us are:

  • 1. Super White

  • 2. Quartz Crystal

  • 3. Mocha Crystal

  • 4. Mist Crystal

  • 5. XL Grey Crystal 

  • 6. Kota Crystal

  • 7. Dove Matt

  • 8. Bahama Crystal

  • 9. Beige Crystal

  • 1. Black Matt


The Benefits of Full body Vitrified Tiles

Full body tiles not only provide your areas with a consistent, smooth, and tidy appearance, but they may also greatly improve the aesthetic of your floors. They are simple to install and do not need a regular cleaning or extensive upkeep. 
Such characteristics are critical for a hassle-free journey in commercial locations with significant foot traffic. Apart from the regular benefits, the most significantly beneficial merits that make our full body vitrified tiles stand out are.



Full-body tiles are denser than standard tiles and give a solid, long-lasting functionality with less wear and tear. They are constructed using the greatest raw ingredients and technologies. 
Vitrified full-body tiles have tensile potency and density owing to their adaptability and excellent showing, which makes them ideal for all public areas.

Ease of Maintenance

Our tiles are wear and damage resilient. They are ideal for heavy traffic locations and are suited for both interior and exterior applications. And what makes them perfect for all kinds of applications is their ease of maintenance. 
With simple and easy-to-follow routines our full body vitrified tiles are good as new in no time with the least effort. They are simple to install and do not need regular polishing or extensive upkeep.


Aesthetic Appeal

Full body tiles not only provide your areas with a consistent, smooth, and spotless appearance, but they may also greatly improve the aesthetic of your flooring. The multitude of design and surface options makes this a stunning addition to any décor style.
Bluecera vitrified whole body tiles are very durable and function well because they are made with the finest raw components and innovative technologies. Our tiles are ideal for any application due to their strong construction and unrivaled excellence. 


How to Care for Your Fullbody Vitrified Tiles?

Vitrified tiles are made with high-quality raw elements and cutting-edge engineering, making them the best on the market. The top of vitrified tiles has a special coating that keeps dust, debris, and filth from penetrating and harming the tiles. 
The coating also keeps fluids and smudges from permeating the tile. A very simple to follow cleaning and maintenance routine is required to uphold the aesthetics and quality of the tiles for a long time.


Regular sweeping and mopping

The simplest method to retain the look of the tiles is to follow a routine of regular sweeping and mopping to avoid the settling of dirt and stains. 


Avoid harsh chemicals

Our fully body vitrified tiles are hard-wearing and of superior quality, though that doesn’t mean that they may be abused with harsh chemicals and acid, which may significantly bring down the life of the tiles. Avoiding harsh chemicals and solutions will ensure a longer-lasting floor for you.


Prompt Spills

Though full-body vitrified tiles are water resistant, you should avoid the water to sit on them for a long time, and even with other solutions and wine spillage, which may leave a mark a prompt cleaning of spills will clean it all away.


Periodic Sealing

Every full body vitrified tile that we make is coated with a protective shield to prevent spills, stains, and chemical damage. However, sealing the tiles periodically will ensure that the coat is in place so as to avoid any worries in the future.


Why should you buy full body vitrified tiles from us?

Bluecera LLP follows a strict and rigorous production procedure, and its vitrification technique decreases the water absorption values of all our tiles, making them non-porous. That also serves as one of the reasons for ceramic tiles' extraordinary resistance to stains.
Because of their ability to withstand heavy usage and resistance to scratches and stains, full body vitrified tiles are the best choice for high-traffic areas. The color mix is infused early in the manufacturing cycle to give a consistent, homogeneous hue across the tile. 
Because the company aims for quality and ingenuity, we have been capable of producing and deliver the best Ceramic, Porcelain, Full-Body, Soluble Floor & Wall Tiles, and Sanitary Ware products, each of which has substantially added to our broad and expanding world-class tiles range.

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