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Best Subway Tiles Supplier in India

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09 January 2024

Subway Tiles

Once exclusive and synonym to the New York’s subway system, subway tile derives its name from the same origin. Those early tiles were actually made of white glass. Subway tile is a rectangular, thick, low-fired, glazed ceramic tile that is generally 3" by 6", however it is available in a range of sizes for household usage. 

It's no wonder, therefore, that the trend is still going strong today, thanks to its sleek, easy-to-clean form. Designers George C. Heins and Christopher Grant La Farge created this beautiful item in the early 1900s, and it immediately found its way into kitchens and bathrooms throughout the country. It's because it works in a variety of settings and with a variety of design styles. It began to emerge in a variety of spaces, including bathrooms, kitchens, and pretty much any location where you'd want to be extra clean. 

You may personalize it with a wide range of colors, textures, finishes, patterns, and grouts to suit your preferences. Subway tiles suppliers around the world have come up with many more innovations with subway tiles to enhance what it already is - elegant, refined, and unquestionably timeless. Subway tiles are often set in a conventional brick pattern, although there are many variants available these days, contributing to the popularity of subway tiles.

The typical running bond design is a must-have, but subway tiles can also be set out in unconventional ways. The variety of dimensions have changed over the years, the white subway tiles size from square 6"x6" tiles to rectangular 3"x12" tiles, the options are rich. Subway tiles had the virtue of not staining and being easy to clean. They also had the added benefit of reflecting light, lighting up any room. Subway Tile's appeal is not only resulted through its vintage look or inspired appearance, but also from its adaptability. 

Subway Tiles Application & Patterns

The subway tile patterns' intrinsic timelessness is its most distinguishing feature. The best aspect of its application is that it does not even need to be arranged in rows horizontally, as it traditionally was used. White subway tile is used with white, grey, or black grout. White subway tile, like any other subway tile colour, may be matched with any colour of grout. Depending upon the supposed pattern and style intention, it may be decided what colour grout to use with subway tile. Choosing the correct subway tile patterns might be a little difficult at times. Subway tile has created an impact that is both striking and simple, to execute with plain white rectangle tiles and a simple tile configuration. 

Subway tile used to just come in white, but today it comes in a variety of colours, sizes, and textures. Subway tiles are often installed half offset implying that the centre of the tile lines with the borders of the two tiles above and below it. Modern subway tile, on the other hand, frequently deviates from this pattern, or even chucks it entirely. Few of the most common patterns set for subway tiles are:

Classic Running Bond:

In kitchens and bathrooms alike, white subway tiles may be used in a classic running bond pattern, which is inspired by the traditional brickwork design. This style is easy to put together and requires less difficult tile cutting than other layouts.

Vertical Running Bond:

As opposed to the classic running bond, something like a marble subway tile when laid vertically creates an illusion of larger walls and ceiling.

45-degree Herringbone Pattern:

Herringbone subway tile pattern is made up of 45-degree angled tiles with offset joints that strike the centers of adjacent tiles. 

90-degree Herringbone Pattern:

The traditional herringbone pattern when turned 90 degrees can get an illusion of a larger space. Subway tile bathroom designs can be overwhelming in many aspects.

Subway Tiles Supplier

Bluecera LLP is the best manufacturer and subway tiles supplier in India. The Indian domestic market has taken this tile more so as a preferred choice as subway tiles backsplash in the kitchen and the subway tile bathroom showers are also gaining popularity. 

As one of the largest manufacturers, Bluecera has state of the art facility to produce high quality subway tiles, moving away from the traditional ceramic tile which was used for the original subway tile. Bluecera subway tiles are now available in ceramic, porcelain, and glass tiles, all of which are popular for the same reason ceramic tiles were chosen in the first place: minimal maintenance and fantastic design.

Bluecera LLP

With extensive experience and knowledge stretched over a decade and the reputation to back it up - Bluecera LLP, is one of the leading makers of ceramic cladding solutions. It is one of the pioneering forces in the tile production sector in India due to its class and unwavering commitment to quality. Bluecera has gained in significance throughout segments as a result of its world-class subway tiles. As a major subway tiles supplier, Bluecera relentlessly works on its inventiveness and invention, white subway tiles or marble subway tile or for any other application and space, it has created strong commercial ties with the most innovative product. 

Bluecera ensures stringent quality control techniques for Indian and international standards. As the company strives for quality and innovation, it has been able to produce and deliver the best ceramic, porcelain, full-body, soluble floor & wall tiles, and sanitary ware products, all of which have substantially contributed to its broad and world-class product range. Commitment, trust and dedication are the driving values of Bluecera as one of the major manufacturers and exporters of tiles to over 18 countries across five continents. The company’s reputation has breached borders to the other side of the world.


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