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The Best Kitchen Wall and Floor Tiles for Rental Apartments | Bluecera LLP

The Best Kitchen Wall and Floor Tiles for Rental Apartments

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10 May 2024

You're finally moving into your own apartment. Congrats! But while you're daydreaming about decorating every room just how you want, remember that this is a rental. That means you can't go too crazy with permanent changes. But have no fear! You can still upgrade your rental kitchen with stylish, renter-friendly wall and floor tiles.

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In this article, we'll recommend durable, easy-to-install tiles that add personality without breaking the bank. We'll also give tips for choosing materials that will appeal to future tenants after you've moved on. With a little strategic planning, you can create a Pinterest-worthy kitchen that looks like it was designed just for you. Let's get started!

Designer  Kitchen Wall Tiles for Rental Apartments

Kitchens can be tough on walls, what with splattering grease, splashing water, and scraping utensils. For rentals, durable and low-maintenance tiles are a must.

Porcelain or Ceramic Wall Tile

For durability, ceramic or porcelain tiles can’t be beat. Ceramic tiles are made of clay and fired at high heat, making them water-resistant and scratch-proof. Porcelain tiles are even harder, as they’re made of finer clay and fired at higher temperatures. Either is a great choice for walls behind stoves, sinks, and countertops.

Designer  Kitchen Wall Tiles for Rental Apartments

Glossy or Matte Finish

A glossy finish is sleek but shows splatters and scratches more. A matte finish hides imperfections better but may need occasional sealing. For high-traffic areas in a rental, matte tiles are probably your best bet.

Medium or Large Size

While small mosaic tiles are trendy, larger sizes are more practical in rentals. Eight inches square or larger minimizes grout lines that can stain over time. Larger tiles also make walls quicker to wipe down since there are fewer cracks and crevices to clean.

Neutral, Solid Colors

Stick with neutral, solid-colored tiles in rentals. Whites, creams, light grays, and tans complement most decor and cabinetry. Avoid dark, busy patterns which can make a small kitchen feel closed in. Neutral, solid-colored tiles also minimize visible marks and scratches, important in high-turnover properties.

With low-maintenance, durable tiles in neutral and solid colors, your rental kitchen walls will stay stylish for years between tenants. And fewer service calls means more money in your pocket!

Top Kitchen Floor Tiles for Rental Apartments

When choosing floor tiles for a rental kitchen, durability and low-maintenance are key. Tile that can stand up to heavy foot traffic and the occasional dropped pot or pan is ideal. Porcelain tile is a great option. It's dense, stain-resistant, and nearly indestructible. Porcelain tile comes in a range of natural stone looks, from marble to travertine. It does require professional installation but will last for years.

Ceramic tile

Glazed ceramic tile is another excellent choice. It's budget-friendly, low-maintenance, and comes in a variety of styles. The glaze protects the tile from stains and scratches. Ceramic tile is easy to install yourself, saving money on labor costs. For high-traffic areas like kitchens, choose a tile with a textured, slip-resistant surface.

Ceramic tile

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT)

Luxury vinyl tile offers the look of natural stone, wood, or tile at a fraction of the cost. It's 100% waterproof, scratch and stain-resistant, and softer underfoot than ceramic or porcelain tile. LVT can often be installed as a DIY project, adhered to the floor or as a floating floor. It provides the stylish appearance of premium flooring with almost none of the maintenance.

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT)

With so many great options for kitchen floors, you'll find tile that suits your needs and budget. For rental properties especially, look for durable, low-maintenance tile in timeless, neutral styles. Your tenants will appreciate a floor that stands up to the demands of a kitchen, and you'll benefit from a flooring solution that lasts for years.

FAQs on Kitchen Wall Tiles for Rentals

1. What are the most low-maintenance and durable options?

For rental properties, you want tiles that are nearly indestructible and don’t require much upkeep. Ceramic and porcelain, and stone tiles are excellent choices. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are durable, stain-resistant, and easy to clean. Natural stone like granite, slate, and travertine also hold up well to heavy use and last for decades. Avoid porous and delicate tiles that can stain or chip easily like glass or metal.

2. What about grout do I need to seal it?

Grout is the cement used between tiles. For high-traffic areas like kitchens, use an epoxy grout which is naturally stain-proof. For regular cement grout, applying a sealant is a good idea. Sealant protects the grout from absorbing liquids and stains. Re-seal grout every few years to maintain protection. When it’s time to refresh grout, avoid re-grouting which can damage tiles. Clean and re-seal existing grout instead.

3. What size and pattern of tiles work best?

For small kitchens, stick to medium-sized tiles, between 4 to 6 inches square. Large tiles, 8 inches or more, can make a space feel cramped. However, for open-concept kitchens, larger tiles help the space flow together. Simple grid or diamond patterns also keep things cohesive. Avoid busy patterns which can make a kitchen feel chaotic.

4. How do I keep kitchen wall tiles clean?

Kitchen wall tiles should be wiped down regularly with a damp cloth or sponge to remove grease splatter and grime. For stuck-on messes, use a degreaser or commercial tile cleaner and a non-abrasive scrub pad. Avoid harsh chemicals which can damage some tiles. Once a week or so, mop or wipe down entire walls from top to bottom. For high-gloss tiles, squeegee excess water to prevent water spots. With regular cleaning and maintenance, kitchen wall tiles will stay looking their best for years to come.


So there you have it some of the best kitchen wall and floor tiles to consider for your rental apartment. With materials like ceramic, porcelain, glass, and stone to choose from, you've got options to suit your style and budget. Just remember to factor in durability and easy maintenance when making your decision. The right kitchen tiles can make your rental space look and feel like home while still meeting practical needs as a tenant.

And you never know, you might love your kitchen so much that you'll want to take your tiles with you when it's time to move or redo the kitchen in your future owned home. For now, pick some tiles you love and start creating your dream rental kitchen - you deserve it!

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