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The Best Manufacturer of Rock Salt Tiles in India - Bluecera LLP

The Best Manufacturer of Rock Salt Tiles in India

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09 January 2024

The Rock Salt tiles collection offered by Bluecera reimagines the flavor of an emotive natural beauty that can transform residences modern, motivated by the attractiveness of big slabs of rock salt taken from underground mining and also utilized for the building of walls and salt crystals. 

The collection has many distinct color variants, each with underexposed, dense, and detailed veining. Refreshing tints, such as white, grey, and sage, are complemented by richer hues, such as dove grey and red, restoring the sheen or sensual texture of real crystals, based on their quality. As the best manufacturer of Rock Salt tiles, Bluecera has been able to conjure the richness and feel of deep underground, vivid ponds of waters, or mining-produced geometrical sculptures.

Choosing the Right Rock Salt Tiles

Rock salt tiles are the newest trends in the tiles scene and are quite popular amongst both commercial and homeowners. However, there are a few little things to keep in mind before buying rock salt floor tiles. Below we have detailed few pointers which may help you to choose the right Rock Salt tiles.


The Type of Rock Salt Tiles

Rock salt tiles are offered in a variety of types, and all of these types exhibit unique features. You may want to imagine the décor you wish to create with your selection of Rock Salt tiles. 

  •     Natural Rock Salt Tiles

    These Rock Salt tiles are rustic and earthy and give a robust feel to any space. The natural rock salt which has not been treated with extra gloss or polish coat is perfect for areas where you expect moisture and hence need more traction and grip beneath your fit to prevent slipping. Because of their natural textures, these tiles can easily conceal any blemish and scratches, and hence may very well suit a foyer, living room, or waiting room kind of setting.


  • Polished Rock Salt Tiles

    Polished Rock Salt floor tiles, as the name suggests are treated with polish and hence have a sheen to their surface. These tiles are perfect for a living room, bedrooms, etc, and even Rock Salt bathroom tiles are absolutely practical because of their water-resistant properties.

The Size of Rock Salt Tiles

The size of the tiles is also one of the crucial aspects which you should consider before choosing the right tiles as there are different sizes in Rock Salt Tiles. Depending upon the space and lighting you may go for an appropriate size. A smaller size tile with many joints and grouts makes a space seem smaller and vice versa. Bluecera offers a standard size of 600 x 600 mm Rock Salt floor tiles that goes well with nearly every space and décor.

The Color of Rock Salt Tiles

When considering buying Rock Salt tiles, you must also consider the various colors and shades of Rock Salt. As opposed to general belief, they are not just available in single or at max 2 or 3 colors. Instead, they are available in various shades from light to dark tones, with several unique veining running across their surface. Each tile emits a different personality and hence you must go for an apt one.

Rock Salt Tiles are perfect for any Home

Though a new trend, Rock Salt tiles are gaining popularity and already have proven that they are perfect for any and all home settings. There are several reasons to go for a Rock Salt tile, but we have mentioned the most crucial aspects which make them stand out as a household necessity.

RockSalt Tiles are Easy to Install

As relatively lighter weight than marble and other natural stone tiles, Rock Salt tiles have proven to be quite easier to install. The convenience cannot be undermined as in a home setting, the earlier the tiles are set in or are installed the sooner the homeowners can use it as opposed to a commercial setting where the time is allowed. Also, with a manageable weight and thickness, the tiles are easy to put in place. In case of an unfortunate chip-off or damage, you can even try to replace the tiles yourself.

Rock Salt Tiles are Easy to Maintain

When it comes to a home, one of the most important things that homeowners look for while choosing a flooring solution is the ease of maintenance. Rock Salt tiles are hit in this regard as it is easier to clean and wipe any dirt or dust particle. Also, given its robust and natural look, any blemish or damage is not easily visible, making it a homeowner’s delight.

Why are Rock Salt Tiles a Good Choice?

Here are some more reasons why we think, Rock Salt tiles are a good choice for your home or even your office space.

  • They're Beautiful

    With their natural and lively appeal, they are anything but dull. These tiles are stunning when it comes to elevating an aesthetic and can improve the overall décor.
  • They're Durable

    Mined from the heart of the earth and engineered as a finished product, the Rock Salt tiles are as durable as it gets. Carved from a rock, these things require more than an accident to show any signs of damage.
  • They're Easy to Care For

    As mentioned earlier, one of the most important factors to choose Rock Salt tiles is how easy it is to care for. They can be cleaned with minimal things and can save you a lot of money. Also, since its rustic by nature they retain their charm for a long time.

We Are Also Ahead in Manufacturing Soluble Salt Tiles

Apart from being a leading and perhaps the best manufacturer of Rock Salt tiles, we at Bluecera LLP are a leading name in the manufacturing of Soluble Salt tiles. Soluble Salt tiles can be made with basic technologies. The pattern on the tile's surface is produced by fluid-colored digital printing.

Our Soluble Salt collection features tiles patterns such as Terracotta, Basic Black, intrinsic artworks, geometric designs, and even a wooden look. These have been one of our best-selling segments in tiles.

Since 1995, We Have Manufactured Soluble Salt Tiles

As a brand, Bluecera LLP has been in the market since 2010, however, the manufacturers themselves have been around in the market since 1995. That is how long they have been creating the finest quality Soluble Salt tiles along with other tiling solutions. Bluecera has gained popularity throughout its product categories owing to its world-class infrastructure, ethics, and business model, and its encouraging, thriving environment for innovation. 

The company is well-known in the Indian home market for its originality and ingenuity, and as a leading tile manufacturer, it has created strong commercial relations all over the world. Bluecera ensures strict quality assurance techniques for domestic and global standards.

All of their tiling solutions are consistent in their properties, quality, durability, and ability to last longer than any in the market. Bluecera LLP is a brand that has established itself over time and is now a leader in the industry. Their commitment and values towards their, customers, workers, and stakeholders have been a prime reason for their steady growth.

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