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The Best Sanitary Ware Manufacturer In India

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09 January 2024

When you are building a new house or renovating the existing house, you will always focus on each and every detail of the building process. But when it comes to the selection of sanitary ware types, you should start looking beyond the traditional ones. 


Focus on selection


Selecting the right type of sanitary ware is no rocket science. Our Premium Collection Of Sanitary Ware at Bluecera will help you to get yourself the best products. But before that, learn about the considerations that help in the selection process.

  1. Space: Check how much space is available inside the bathroom to accommodate the Variety of products you want to add to the space. 
  2. Theme and color: Traditional whites are old-school. Go for the vibrant and stylish color combinations that complement the theme of the bathroom interior décor. 
  3. Style: As the latest styles have emerged in the types of sanitary ware available with the companies, you have the liberty to deck up the space in a unique way. 

Just don’t forget to apply the contemporary designs partially or completely for the best results. 


   1. Wash Basins Manufacturer in India



The décor of the bathroom is incomplete without the addition of the wash basins. And so, it is time to locate the best wash basin manufacturers in India who can provide you with the exact version of your requirement. Let’s share some of the basic types available in the market. 


  • Pedestal washbasins

If you are looking for practical, convenient, traditional, and durable solutions, the pedestal washbasins can be on your wishlist. It is ideal if you have a small bathroom. There is a column that supports the basin and also hides the pipes connecting to the structure. 


  • Undermount washbasin

These can comfortably fit beneath the benchtop. The rims will remain secured to the benchtop’s base instead of lying on top of the structure. Its seamless appearance is tempting. You can easily wipe off the water spilling from these sinks from the benchtop. 


  • Semi recessive washbasins

Semi-recessed washbasins will be perfect for your bathroom if the space is limited. You can keep the vanity cabinet below the basin to add to storage space. Such washbasins will have a set of cabinets right underneath to offer space for towels and toiletries. 

There are many more types, but you need to check out your list of requirements first. 


2. Water closet Manufacturers in India



In developed cities, there is a need for water closets where you get a bathroom inside a toilet space to complete your business peacefully, freshen up, and get yourself clean within a short time.

The ideal water closets should have the following features:

  1. Lavatory
  2. Western toilet
  3. Indian type toilet/ basin
  4. proper tank and pipe system for water dispersal
  5. Mug
  6. Bracket to store handwashes 
  7. Cleaning essentials
  8. Toilet brush
  9. Windows for ventilation
  10. Doors with functional latches
  11. Proper drainage pipe for connecting to the main sewage system.


Thus, if you are planning to install one in your commercial complex then you have to be careful about picking the right manufacturers. As it is going to be a considerable investment, you cannot afford to make the wrong choice. 

There are three types of toilets:

  • Wash-down style
  • Reverse bowl r shelf style
  • Wash-out style

Choose the optimal one that will serve the purpose. 


Features of Our Sanitary Ware


Bluecera is already a reputed name in the industry. That is why we want to share some of the biggest qualities of the manufacturers that make us the best in the country. 


Feature #1: Complete comfort


The company believes that comfort is everything when you are selecting anything related to the bathroom. Whether you are planning to buy washbasin or sanitary ware, it is vital to make sure that you feel comfortable while using it. 

Be it the height of the products, the functions, or the access points, we have always tried to incorporate the most convenient features in the products to make sure that the products are usable. 


Feature #2: Sleek design


Every company manufacturing sanitary wares should ideally concentrate on the design of the products. with people preferring smart home designs, it is essential for us to come up with sleek designs that will suit traditional homes and modern facilities too. 

What you buy for keeping inside the bathroom will cumulatively represent the style of the space. So pick your products cautiously with enough focus on the style as the aesthetic vigor should not go amiss. 


Feature #3: Anti-germ finish


Since the pandemic in 2020, hygiene has become an important factor to consider, especially for public toilets. So the top companies are manufacturing products with anti- germ finishing so that the germs cannot harbor and thrive easily on the surfaces. 

Bluecera inspires surface treatments that offer minimum scope to the microorganisms for thriving. 


Feature #4: Premium aesthetic


The aesthetic value of the bathroom is always a prime concern, especially for modern homes renovated spaces, and commercial spaces. So go for the premium aesthetic with the beautiful and stylish products available at Bluecera.


Feature #5: Water conservation


As conservation of water emerges as a growing concern, the manufacturers of sanitary wear should develop ideas to make products that contribute to water conservation. For instance, the double flush buttons for little and more water use help to conserve water as per the need. 


Feature #6: Quick installation


Companies offering quick installation services are the favorite of the customers. So, we have a team of extremely talented installers who can do the job in minimum time and flawlessly. 


Why to choose Bluecera


If you have read the entire discussion above, you can very well perceive how our company has been pioneering the right combination of style, aesthetics, and functionality in the sanitary ware manufacturing industry. 

Bluecera is ready to spread the wings further with more new ideas waiting for implementation. Our job is to look after your comfort with complete concentration on the natural resource conservation matters too.

For any query, contact us at / +91 99747 40072

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