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Wash Basin: Everything You Need To Know About | Bluecera LLP

Wash Basin: Everything You Need To Know About

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09 January 2024

What Is Washbasin?


A wash basin is a type of sink that you would typically find in the bathroom. They are often used for washing your hands and face, but they can also be used to do other things like brushing your teeth or even shaving. Wash basins come in many different shapes, sizes and colors so it's important to take these factors into consideration when choosing one for your home.

In this blog post I will go over some of the basics about wash basins including what they are made of, how you can choose them best for your home, and why you might want to have more than one in a house with multiple people living there!

What Is Wash Basin Made Of?

A wash basin can be made from a variety of materials, such as stainless steel, ceramic, porcelain and acrylic to name a few. The material that best suits your needs will depend on the use you intend for it. For example, people who want their wash basin to look good in a contemporary kitchen should go with stainless steel.

As mentioned above, there are many types of materials that can be used to make wash basins; these include:

1. Ceramic:

Ceramic is a traditional material for wash basins. It's durable and easy to clean, but it can be very heavy.

2. Porcelain:

Porcelain is a good choice if you want your wash basin to be attractive and chip-resistant. It's also lightweight, which makes it easier to install. This material is durable but susceptible to scratching; it's often chosen by people who want their wash basin to be attractive and chip-resistant.

3. Stainless Steel:

Stainless Steel
This metal makes an excellent choice if you want your wash basin to look good in a contemporary kitchen or bathroom. It's also strong and long lasting, though not as hardy as porcelain.

4. Acrylic:

This nonporous material is easy to clean. It's also resistant to scratches, which makes it a good choice for families with young children or pets who aren't particularly careful around the wash basin.

Different Types of Wash Basin

1. Wall Hung Basin:

Wall Hung Basin
Wall mounted wash basin is one of the more popular bathroom wash basin. This type of washbasin can be mounted to a wall or on top of an existing pedestal sink for convenience and space-saving reasons.

1.1. Full pedestal wall hung basins:
This type of washbasin is mounted on the wall and then sits atop a pedestal sink. This provides more space to move around the basin instead of just having it in front of you like other types offer.

1.2. Half pedestal wall hung basins:
Half pedestal wall hung wash basins are a perfect bathroom basin for smaller bathrooms. They do not protrude out from the wall so they take up less space and can allow more room to get in close while using the sink or toilet.

2. Wall Hung Vanity Basins:

Wall Hung Vanity Basins
Wall hung vanity basins are more popular as they give you a lot of space to work with and the basin is not taking up any precious floor space. These types of washbasin sets come in many different sizes which can be very handy if there isn't much room for a bigger unit or maybe your just looking for something smaller than usual.

3. Counter Top Wash Basin:

Counter Top Wash Basin
A countertop wash basin is a small, but functional bathroom fixture. The size of this type of sink makes it perfect for smaller bathrooms and homes with limited storage space because they can be stored under the sink when not in use. It is smaller than traditional basins.

Perfect for small spaces because they can be placed on a counter top and are easy to clean. Countertop basin is Good replacement option when your traditional basin has been removed from your bathroom due to remodeling or renovation. It Uses less water than other types of basins as it only uses one gallon per minute. It Requires a water source to be placed near the sink

Countertop wash basin can only accommodate one person at a time because it is small. Is usually not stocked in public bathrooms. This Wash Basins are typically made of porcelain and have an attractive finish that will complement any bathroom decor.

4. Glass Wash Basin:

Glass Wash Basin
Glass wash basins are usually made of tempered glass that is heated and cooled to make it stronger. This type of basin comes in a variety of colors, and many designs tailored for specific styles or themes. Glass wash basins can be installed as freestanding units with just one hole drilled into the countertop, or they can be mounted in the wall for a permanent fixture.

5. Stone Basin:

Stone Basin
Stone wash basins are the most popular and traditional type of basin. They provide a classic, timeless look that can be installed in both large and small bathrooms. Stone is also one of the only materials available for purchase with an antique finish to it.

The stone style basin offers a more natural and rustic feel than the other types of basin. Stone basins are more durable and require less maintenance than the porcelain or ceramic styles. They also come in an antique finish to give your bathroom a more old-fashioned feel that some people prefer over the industrial look of stainless steel.

6. Ceramic Wash Basin:

Ceramic Wash Basin
One of the most popular types of wash basins is ceramic, which are typically durable and very easy to clean. Ceramic sinks can be manufactured with a variety of color options including white, black and more.

7. Porcelain Basin:

Porcelain Basin
A porcelain washbasin is the most traditional and popular type of wash basin. It comes in a variety of sizes, colors, shapes and textures to fit your bathroom décor or style. A porcelain basin sink has many benefits which include durability and easy care with minimal maintenance requirements for upkeep. Porcelain wash basins are also available in various depths and sizes to meet your needs.

8. Stainless Steel Wash Basin:


Stainless Steel Basin
Stainless steel is a metal that maintains its shiny, beautiful appearance over time. Stainless steel sinks are resistant to water damage and corrosion from acidic substances like lemon juice or wine. This basin has been constructed with high quality materials in order to ensure durability over the years. It also includes strong mounting hardware and is backed by a lifetime warranty. It features an elegant look that will blend in well with any design or color scheme. It also includes matching faucets to complete your bathroom remodel! The installation process for this product was carefully designed so you can easily install this basin without the need for an additional plumber.

This stylish basin will add a touch of sophistication to any bathroom space, while also being functional and practical. It includes matching faucet handles that come in both modern and traditional designs!

9. Acrylic Wash Basin:

Acrylic Wash Basin
Acrylic is a type of plastic, and it's the same material used in many clear plastics. Acrylic washer basins are typically made with durable acrylic resins that come in different colors so you can create your own custom design for your wash basin.

Typically constructed from long-lasting materials, these acrylic wash basin are designed to be resistant against scratches, stains and water damage.

They require little maintenance as the material is easy to clean with a simple wipe down or quick scrub by using a mild detergent solution. The materials used in making these types of basins make them durable enough for any bathroom application and easy to care for in between uses.

The other advantage of these materials is that they are less expensive than their ceramic counterparts which can make them an affordable option when redecorating the bathroom or as a replacement basin after accidents and spills occur. Acrylic wash basins come with many different types of finishes to choose from and even have a hand-painted option for those who want their wash basin to be the focal point of the bathroom design.

10. Corner Wash Basin:

Corner Wash Basin
A corner wash basin is a great choice if you want to save space. Most of the time, it doesn't need additional plumbing work because this type of basin has its own faucet and drain in the back. It can be used as both a sink and a bathtub.

11. Vessel Wash Basin:

Vessel Wash Basin

A vessel wash basin is a type of rectangular or square washbasin that sits on the floor and can have either water coming out from an external tap, for example in the bathroom. They are often used as a low level sink to clean pots and pans which sit next to them in the kitchen. Vessel sinks come with many different kinds of styles, colors and shapes.

12. Padestal Wash Basin:

Padestal Wash Basin
A wash basin is a type of sink used in conjunction with the toilet. It collects water from the faucet to be used to flush and clean your hands after using the bathroom. A padestal stand can also hold miscellaneous items such as soap, tissues, or lotion bottles that you would otherwise have trouble reaching for on top of the toilet tank.

How Do I Choose A Bathroom Basin?

It's important to match the type of wash basin you choose with its intended use so that it suits your needs and looks good in the space where you're installing it. Here are some guidelines for choosing a bathroom sink:

  • If you want your basin to be decorative, choose a glass basin.
  • If you want your wash basin to be functional, go with stainless steel or porcelain.
  • For a contemporary look in the kitchen, choose an acrylic sink for its durability and resistance to scratches.

Naturally, there are many other considerations that come into play when choosing a bathroom basin such as cost, style, size and color.

Our Wash Basin Products Collection:

1. Alia:

Our Alia wash basin is one of the most popular products for both residential and commercial use. It comes with a high quality chrome plated metal exterior which guarantees that it will not rust or corrode, no matter what bathroom conditions you live in! The design features a large opening making it easy to fill up your soap dispenser or bucket, and a hose connection on the back to make it easy for you to fill up your tub.

The aluminum-coated steel liner is corrosion resistant, meaning that this wash basin will last for years without needing any repair or replacements! The Alia wash basin also features two different types of faucets so that you can choose which one you prefer, as well as two different types of light-weight pop up drains.

This wash basin is perfect for smaller bathrooms and does not take up much space at all! It also comes in a variety of colors to match your bathroom interior design perfectly. If you're looking for something that will last for years but doesn't cost too much, then you're looking for the Alia wash basin!

2. Audi:

The Audi wash basin is a solid choice for your bathroom. This modern wall mounted basin has been designed to offer the perfect balance between elegance and function. The sink offers two taps, one of which activates an LED light to illuminate the mirror area in low-light conditions. A spacious design with fully concealed plumbing on all sides ensures you have plenty of room to wash your hands or brush those teeth.

The Audi basin is available in three different sizes and we have a video that will show you just how easy this product can be installed, without any special tools required. This stunning wall mounted bathroom sink has been made from 18 gauge Premium 304 Stainless Steel which ensures it's super durable. Available in polished chrome, brushed stainless steel and antique brass.

3. Brio:

The Brio wash basin is a beautiful piece of art. It has a unique design that will be the centerpiece for any bathroom. There are many reasons why this particular sink should be your top choice: The first reason being an easy installation and use with no pipes or plumbing required; it can go in just about anywhere on any surface. The second reason is that it has a more than ample 16-inch depth and can be used as a vessel sink or for hand washing dishes in the kitchen. Thirdly, this easy to clean basin does not need any water lines or supply because of its internal reservoir where one fill up lasts about 48 hours before needing another refill.

4. Glory:

The Glory Wash Basin is a widespread basin that can be used to wash your hands or clean small items such as baby bottles. Glory is one of the most popular and sought after wash basins. It comes in a variety of colors, sizes, heights, and styles to meet your needs.

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